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Jack Bonneau speaking at TEDx Boulder June 2018

Hi! My name is Jack Bonneau, I'm the founder and CEO of Teen Hustl and I'm 14 years old!
Teen Hustl is my second startup.  My first business is Jack's Stand & Marketplaces I started when I was 8 years old.  Jack's Stands & Marketplaces provide kids (and their families) the opportunity to
experience and learn about entrepreneurship.  Kids register at JacksStands.com for a location and a date/time to operate one of Jack's Stands during the summer or one of my Jack's Stands & Marketplaces at great malls during the holiday season.  Kids learn how to serve and greet the customer, make change, take credit cards and during the holiday season sell great products from young entrepreneur and share their inspirational stories.   I was fortunate to be able to take a simple lemonade stand from my local farmers market to being the youngest boy to successfully pitch and receive a deal on ABC's Shark Tank.  Now I want to do the same with Teen Hustl!
I started Teen Hustl to give teenagers the same opportunities that our parents and grandparents had when they had babysitting jobs and newspaper routes.  Today, teenagers don't have those same opportunities, now with Teen Hustl teenagers do!   Teen Hustl is a hyper-local service that delivers from restaurants and grocery stores to homes inad business with an approximate 2 mile radius around retail establishment clusters.   Teen Hustl is a service that is exclusively operated by teenagers utilizing e-scooters and bicycles.  
Teen Hustl's mission is to provide consumers, businesses, restaurants and grocery stores with the industry's best delivery service in America!  We've seen the challenges that all the delivery platforms have faced and we believe that instead of reacting to challenges that should have been foreseen, we have the opportunity the opportunity to lead the industry.  Sometimes it takes youth  to lead the way! 
Soon, coming to a neighborhood near you!