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Amazon Locker Delivery & Returns FAQ

Q: Can I use Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns for any online order?

A: Right now we're only providing Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns for Amazon 

     ordersSoon we will expand our service to any online order.

Q: Who delivers for Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns?

A: Local neighborhood teenagers deliver for Teen Hustl, called Teen Hustlrs!  They

    are local teenagers who live in your area, who provide this home delivery

    service, much like paper boys and girls of decades ago.      

Q: Are my packages safe?

A: Yes, your packages are received in an enclosed indoor space that is monitored, 

     insured, out of the elements and the temptation of Porch Pirates. 

Q: Times are much different from decades ago, are Teen Hustlrs safe delivering in

     public on their own?

A: Yes, times are different!  Safety is our top priority and we put this into practice.  All

    Teen Husltrs are equipped with a Solo Protect badge that provides 911 level

     monitoring and emergency dispatch services including panic button functions

     and two-way communication.         

Q: When does Teen Hustl deliver my packages?

A: Teen Hustl delivers packages received the same day between 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm,

     Monday through Friday and on the weekends!        

Q: What if I'm not home when I thought I would be?

A: Teen Hustl will send you a text letting you know that a delivery was attempted

     and will try the next day. 

Q: What does Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns cost?

A: Teen Hustl is currently free as we launch our new service, we anticipate that this          service won't cost more than a couple of dollars. 

Q: Can I tip my Teen Hustlr?

A: Though it's not required, it's always appreciated.  Teen Hustlrs received 100% of

     any tips received.  

Q: What are some of the other benefits of using Teen Hustl Locker Delivery &       


A: Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Return offers many benefits:

Eliminates package theft and reason for bad actors to enter our neighborhoods

Eliminates the carbon footprint of fossil fuel delivery to home or to a remote locker

More convenient than directing your package to your work, neighbor or out of the way storage locker 

Engages our local neighborhood youth to learn about work, develop social and life skills that will benefit the rest of their life. 

Safer, more effective and less expensive than front porch storage lockers and monitored door/porch security systems.

The best way to deter crimes of opportunity is to take away the opportunity! 

Q: I have a video monitored door security, why is Teen Hustl Locker Delivery &       

     Returns better?

A: Products like Ring are great for capturing video on a theft, but it does little to

     deter and provides little in the way of results in catching the Porch Pirate. 

Q: What other services do Teen Hustl offer?

A: Teen Hustl offers food and convenience item delivery from restaurants and

     grocery stores, in select areas.  Teen Hustl also is working on home pickup of your

     online Amazon returns. 

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