Amazon Locker Return instructions

Pickup and processing of your Amazon returns from the convenience of your home!

Step 1 - Select Amazon item to return, then select CHOOSE lOCKER

Select Amazon Locker by clicking here

Step 2 - Select "Chose this locker"

Note: the locker chosen should be the one that is nearest and used for your deliveries. 

Step 3 - Verify location and Confirm Your Return

Step 4 - Amazon return is complete, now share this Teen Hustl by selecting "Email copy of label"

Step 5 - Select "Send to friend", and send to

Step 6 - Enter name, address, phone and any specific pickup instructions in the message box.

Teen Hustl will pick up your return between 4pm - 6pm M-F, 10am - 6pm Sat/Sun, unless otherwise confirmed.

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