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Jack's Journey & Live Investor Pitch

Over the last 2+ years, I've shared my journey and story with over 15,000 students (and adults) at schools, events, conferences, and TEDx.  With schools now embracing online learning, I thought this would be a great opportunity to share my story and journey (plus Q&A) with school classes and families across the country and provide a unique opportunity to view a live, unedited pitch to invited investors!  

There will be 2 one-hour events on the following dates (all events are free);


  • My Journey to Shark Tank and beyond (Tuesday, April 28th, 1 pm EST/10 am PST)


  • Live Teen Hustl Investor Presentation (Thursday, May 7th, 1 pm EST/10 am PST) (the previous date of April 30th presented a conflict)

The first 1,000 teachers will be invited to view all presentations on Zoom representing their classrooms and able to submit/vote on questions to be asked by the panel.  We will provide links for students to view live on Zoom and stream on YouTube Live if necessary prior to the presentations.  After the presentations, Jack will select 18 schools that he will offer a live interactive conference to your class for Q&A directly from your students.

Here are two of my favorite videos  

13-Year-Old World’s YOUNGEST Successful Entrepreneur?!

TEDx - Kids Can Be Role Models  

Register below!

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