Amazon Locker Delivery & Returns

Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns is a new service provided by Teen Hustl for Amazon customers to have packages delivered to an Amazon Locker location where Teen Hustlrs retrieve and deliver packages to homes after school or on weekends when the homeowner is home on the same day!  No more Amazon packages left in the elements, gone missing or stolen by Porch Pirates. No more asking your neighbor or having your package delivered at work or the additional hassle of pickup at remote lockers. No more going out in public to return that one item that didn't work out, Teen Hustl will pick it up at your front door and have it returned to Amazon! 

Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns brings back the opportunities teens had and the service that millions of teenagers provided to every neighborhood across the U.S. decades ago - home delivery!  For over 150 years, millions and millions of teenagers delivered the morning and evening newspapers to neighborhoods and our homes. Our nation's youth delivered daily, in good weather and bad, billions of newspapers every month.  Then over time, youth newspaper delivery disappeared with the coming of the Internet, the decline in newspaper home delivery and adults taking over what was left. 

Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns is not only is an opportunity for teens and a great service for Amazon customers but with increasing home deliveries, when Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns reaches 100,000 Teen Hustlrs, we will eliminate the equivalent of 200,000 vehicles or almost 1,000,000 metric tons of CO2 annually!

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Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns is launching this spring, but we need you

To be a part of the Teen Hustl revolution and bring Teen Hustl In-Person Deliveries & Returns to your neighborhood click here to let us know that you're interested.


To have Teen Hustl Locker Delivery & Returns deliver your Amazon packages to you safely and eco-friendly when your home, sign up here!

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